» Is it possible to speak with the Pastor and First Lady?

Yes, should you have a specific need to meet with Pastor Coleman or Lady Coleman you can contact the church office secretary at 972-557-8383 or KHcogic@aol.com

» How do I find out more about the ministries at Kingdom Harvest COGIC?

One of the best ways to learn about the ministries at the church is to contact the church office to complete the “Help Survey”. If you have questions about a specific ministry, the church secretary will direct you to the contact person.

» Are there requirements for participating in a ministry?

Several of our Ministries- such as Married Couples, Sunday School, Young Adults, and Women Ministry-welcome your presence at their meetings. Other Ministries, such as the Choir have requirements for joining. We urge you to complete the New Member classes as you walk toward participating in a Ministry.

» What should I wear to church?

The church has no formal dress code, some wear suits, casual or professional clothes. We do require our leaders to dress professional and present themselves in a godly manner. We desire men and women to dress modest without offending one another. On 4th Sunday the congregation dresses casual for Youth Day.

» What are the church office hours?

The church office is open Tuesday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 4 p.m.